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Welcome Coaches and Assistant Coaches!

We would like to thank you for signing up to volunteer for your child's team! We are excited for the upcoming season and we truly appreciate all of the volunteer efforts from you! Being a part of your child's baseball or softball team will hopefully be a fullfilling and rewarding experience for everyone! Our board members are here to assist you with anything you may need. Please see the Contact Us list on the website to view a list of our current Board Members, their titles and their email addresses.

We have designed this portion of the website to help you navigate/utilize the forms you may need for your team and to provide hopefully any and all information you will need to manager your team!

Before the season begins, there are a few housekeeping items that need to be completed. All Managers and Assistant Coaches are required to take and pass the Rules Test.

If you have not completed the Concussion training, as required by the State of Michigan, you must complete that training and send in your certificate to your division director.

Thanks again for your participation in our League, please feel free to email us with any questions at [email protected]


The Franklin Baseball and Softball League

Additional Field Notes

  • DO NOT to park in the Environmental Center at Bingham Farms parking lot under any condition! Parents must park in the main lot and walk. The Environmental Center is being used as office space on a daily basis and there is a family that resides in the home at the Center.
  • Please be sure to remind your team's parents to park in the main lot.  There are a few parking spots along the road near the East field that - if available - can be used by coaches for parking.

  • We have had to cut and replace a number of locks on the field boxes this spring because the combinations are being changed inadvertently.  Please use care to not change the combination by ensuring that the dials still read "BALL" before closing the lock.  After the lock is closed, turn the dials to ensure that it is locked.3.

  • Please remember to put the bases back in the field box after your game.  This is especially important at Groves JV Softball, where Groves teams also use this field.  If the bases are left out, then they will likely be put into the Groves athletic field box, which we do not have access to.  This can be problematic, since the bases we use at Groves are unique to that field, so we are not able to replace them on short notice.

  • Please remember that we are guests on the fields that we use – please do not jeopardize their availability to the League. On our school fields, such as West Maple, we need to be cognizant of school programs, such as Kids Club, which may be occupying our fields up to 6pm.  If there are kids on the ball diamonds when you arrive, you will need to wait until they are off.  We risk having our start time pushed back permanently at these fields if conflicts arise.  Also note that the playground area is reserved exclusively for participants in the West Maple Kids Club Program.

  • Garbage collection is critical after every practice and game.  The home team has the final responsibility but both teams should keep this as a very high priority.  Garbage bags are provided in equipment bags, and either put them in a trash can or take them home with you and dispose of them there.

  •  Note that we are also prohibited from utilizing the surrounding areas around our fields as a restroom, or entering any of the neighboring buildings to use the facilities.  I am pleased to announce that we have finally received approval from St. Owen to place a portable toilet at that site, for use by our T-Ball players. T-Ball coaches – please reinforce to your team parents that we are prohibited from entering the Church or the Parish Center to use the facilities, but that the kids should use the new portable toilet in the back of the parking lot instead. Also new this year is a portable toilet at the Bingham fields.  Beverly Hills Little League arranged the placement of this toilet, but they have agreed to permit Franklin to use it also.  They have placed a lock on the door; the code is 1960.  To close the lock, make sure the combination is 1960, close the lock and turn the numbers.

    Thank you!

Concussion Training

The Michigan sports concussion legislation requires all coaches, employees, volunteers, and other adults involved with a youth athletic activity to complete a concussion awareness on-line training program. This means that all managers and coaches are REQUIRED to complete (prior to the start of the season) the online training program, which can be found on the Michigan Sports Concussion Information website (look for the "Youth Sports Training" link in the middle of the page). The training takes about 40 minutes to complete. Following the completion of the course, you will be given the opportunity to print and/or save your completion certificate to a pdf; please save a copy to pdf and email it to your division director.

Managers and Assistant Coaches who have not completed this training are required to complete this course as required by law. You only need to complete this training once, so if you have already done so with our league, you may disregard. If you have completed this training with another organization, please send your certificate to your division director.

Thank you!


Franklin Baseball and Softball League
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